Commercial law

  • Establishment of all kinds of companies

  • Business organization of companies

  • Business restructuring

  • Ownership restructuring

  • Company takeover

  • Legal representation

  • Legal representation in arbitration disputes

Establishment of all kinds of companies - preparation of company statutes, articles of incorporation, decisions, declarations and similar, ordinances, rulebooks and their amendments, organization of assembly sessions and implementation of its decisions, organization of business records prescribed for registration of assembly and supervisory board decisions etc.

Business organization of companies – separation of company core business from company assets, protection of company assets from business risks without tax burden, reorganization of companies with respect to business difficulties

Business restructuring – company split, merger and acquisition with reference to several different businesses within a company, protection of company assets with respect to its liabilities, protection of company assets without tax burden, separation of company business activities

Ownership restructuring - protection of ownership rights, resolution of ownership issues in decision-making and other

Company takeover - sale or purchase of companies, mediation on the occasion of sale and purchase of company shares and stocks

Legal representation before all Croatian commercial courts

Legal representation in arbitration disputes before Croatian and European courts

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