Other fields of law

  • Bankruptcy law
  • Law of obligations
  • Administrative law
  • Labor law
  • International law
  • Economy law

Bankruptcy law

  • Initial proceedings preceeding filing for bankruptcy
  • Filing for bankruptcy
  • Representation of companies in bankruptcy proceedings

Law of obligations

  • All types of commercial and other contracts (in the fields of all types of commerce, distribution of goods, natural gas and other energy sources, agency dealings, representation, franchising, construction, restauration and production (wood, textile, processing), transportation, finance, commercial, stock trading, partnership agreements and the like; other types of contracts etc.

Administrative law

  • Administrative complaints and representation before Administrative courts
  • Complaints and other types of representation in tax administration proceedings

Labor law

  • Internal labor regulation for companies, compiling catalogues of work positions, labor contracts, labor law decisions, dismissals
  • Labor restructuring
  • Legal representation in organization and execution of labor redundancies of large and small companies
  • Compiling codes of ethical conduct
  • Stimulative remuneration, destimulation
  • Punitive measures in labor relations, representation in labor disputes, control of paid leaves

International law

  • International arbitration before all European courts of arbitration
  • International complaints

Economy law

  • Claims enforcement, due dilligence
  • Commercial functioning - collaterals
  • Finances - bank law, funds, stock exchange, stocks trading

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