GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation

Adaptation of processes and businesses

  • Legal counsel with respect to undertaking measures of protection of personal data in accordance with GDPR provisions regarding employees, business partners and business associates
  • Provision of services of implementation, education and GDPR compliance for all types of public authorities, units of municipal and regional government (counties, municipalities), all types of institutions (pre-school, elementary schools, high schools), fire departments, museums, libraries, theaters, hospitals, clinics and the like, companies and other legal entities

Business support

  • Provision of legal services with continuous monitoring of legal aspects of GDPR, European implementation regulations and national regulations
  • Data protection officer services
  • Providing education and consulting to data controllers and data processors, as well as to employees processing data with respect to their GDPR duties, as well as duties stemming from other EU regulation or national regulation pertaining to data protection
  • Monitoring GDPR compliance and compliance of other EU regulation and/or national regulation regarding data protection and policies of data controller or data processor regarding data protection, including delineation of responsability, increasing awareness and human resources training of personnel participating in data processing, as well as revisions hereto connected
  • Counseling regarding impact assesment and impact assesment monitoring
  • Cooperation with the national regulatory agency (AZOP)
  • Acting as the contact point to the national regulatory agency (AZOP) with respect to all questions regarding data processing, including preliminary counseling, as well as counseling pertaining to all other questions

  • Implementation and application of GDPR – data protection, privacy statements, documents relative to data protection, statements, records of processing activities, usage of video surveillance systems, notation ...

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